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About Company

Ul. Krotka 3, 64-920 Pila, POLAND
Phone: +48-796-750-723
Fax: +48-67-214-01-94
VAT #: PL764-126-57-82
REGON: 572085000
Account # :  46 1050 1520 1000 0090 6745 4463
E-mail: s.janiak@marwood.pl
The Company MARWOOD is a Sales representative of several wood producers from region, producing wide range wooden garden architecure. In our offer we have fence panels, archers, arbours, gazebos, pavilions, garages.
We offer also wide range of manually sculputered furniture and ornaments both for outdoor and indoor. We would like to invite to the cooperation as well individual customers as other garden companies, and shops.For bigger customers we offer ability of individual price negotiations and transport organisation.
Our installer are available on customers request - to assemble bought goods.
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We extend and suplement our offer by adding road spedition and transportation services as well domestic as international - welcome our customers and carriers .
To the customers we assure flexibility , reliability and competitivness.
To the carriers we offer return shipments with punctual and reliable payment for the services.
Your sincerelly
S?awomir Janiak
The Owner of MARWOOD Company





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